Friday, January 4, 2008

SEO Liverpool

SEO Liverpool
SEO Liverpool Provides the following services for companies wanting to establish a firm web presence and specialising in helping companies in Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire achieve dominance on the World Wide Web stage.

SEO Liverpool can provide the following services to your company
· Keyword Research.
· Initial Search Engine Optimisation.
· Competition Analysis.
· Pre Optimisation Report.
· Creation of Title Tags based on customer’s keyword selection.
· Description Tags.
· Keyword Tags / Anchor Text.
· Alt Tags.
· H1 / H2 Tags.
· Search Engine submission to 350 Search Engines.
· Optimised Internal Linking structure.
· Manual Link Requests to other related websites.
· Robots.txt File inclusion and proper usage.
· Validation of Website.
· Image optimisation.
· Keyword Phrase optimisation.
· Website Traffic analysis.
· Monetisation via Adsense / Kontera Text Links.

SEO Liverpool has provided specialised services to provides fast SEO indexing by using the latest upto date systems that are known today. some systems employed are trade secret and can only be demonstrated to customers.

SEO Liverpool has produced and controlled a number of websites and there total visitors since 2006 has already exceeded two million visitors.

We employ some of the most recent web 2.0 features to enable sites to take advantage in new technologies as they become available.

SEO Liverpool Service is provided by Andy Bolton.
Andy Bolton 40 From Liverpool
I have worked as Automation Engineer / Web Designer / Validation Engineer / Divemaster / Web Author.

I have produced over 50 major articles and published over 10,000 times.
SEO Liverpool Also provides some other special solutions for the kind of clients that are requiring dominating the market and having a major requirement to lead a search engine. For this service there is a premium depending on the keywords required to be optimised.

SEO Liverpool can provide a unique solution for your SEO and Web Services these go from simple 1 page sites to major sites with Shopping Basket and checkout facility.

SEO is changing business you need to understand that if you wish to have success within the Search Engines you will be required to provide the type of pages as a minimum to be search engine friendly.

· 400 Words of unique content describing your site with around a 4% Keyword Density.
· A link to your Privacy Policy.
· A Terms and Conditions Policy.
· A link to your Contact Page from your Home Page.
· A Link to your Home Page or a well established site like
· It’s best to make at least a 5 Page website.
· Have a good inner site web linking.

SEO Liverpool can provide article generation and submission as this provides a fast way of getting good quality one way links into your site.

We can provide Inbound Links from Relevant Sites this is becoming more and more prominent within the Google search Engine.

We can provide good keyword rich anchor text for your inbound links.
For an initial outline of your requirements and cost please contact
Andy Bolton at

Andy Bolton is an expert Author. You can search on for Andy Bolton and read some of my articles.
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